Who we are

N.R. Resine has moulded polyurethanes for more than 30 years. Our company produces flexible polyurethane foam and integral polyurethane skin foam, guaranteeing its customers quality products and high performances, with innovative materials and professionalism.

N.R. Resine is highly specialised in manufacturing furnishings for offices, houses and communities premises for the national leading companies, with personally formulated and for the account of third parties products.


Our polyurethanes

Every polyurethane, both the flexible and the integral ones, are CFC-free and have zero impact on the environment.

According to the regulations and our customer’s requests, only paints without solvents are used for the manufacture of painted integral polyurethane skin foams.

Specifiche tecniche

The Production Process

We create the mould from a drawing or a pattern thanks to the collaboration with an external specialized laboratory.

The customer chooses the kind of polyurethane, the kind of insert and the method of holding, when necessary.

If the first sample meets the customers requirements, the production starts.

Quality check

We set up the following quality controls to guarantee the correspondence of the necessities of our customers with our products:

  • Quality controls and controls of the raw materials.
  • Control of the conformity of the semi-finished products during the production process.
  • Quality control of the finished product during the packing and the transport.
  • On customer request, proofs of certification in certified laboratories are made to guarantee the conformity of the materials used and of the moulded products.

Finishing and Packing

The production ends with precise finishing and packaging, threading can be requested.

Products are trimmed by hand. We use rubber covers to guarantee the products remain intact. Depending on circumstances, products are packed in unnamed boxes or in personalized boxes given by the customer.