Flexible polyurethane

A formulation of polyurethane suitable for the moulding of chairs, armchairs, pillows and frames for the office furniture is used. Items are prepared to be directly upholstered with textile or leather. The moulding process is fully water blown based  and expanding agents are not used (no CFC). Polyurethane is usually moulded on metal inserts, on wood or on plastic. The item is moulded in epoxy resin or aluminium molds. Its high density is of 60 kg/mc.

On request our flexible polyurethane foams can be fireproof according to the following certifications:

  • Italian class 1IM: C.D.26.06.86 art.3, mod.D.M. 03.09.01 (method of proof UNI 9175-1987 and UNI 9175/FA1-1994)
  • English class BS CRIB 5:(method of proof: Consumer Protection: the furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations 1988 n.1324 schedule 1, part 1 and Amendment n.2358-1989))
  • French class m4 (nfp 92-507:2004)
  • Technical Bulletin 117, Section A Part I and Section D Part II
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Integral skin polyurethanes

A polyurethane formulation suitable for the moulding of furnishings for offices, community, cinema and transport (railway, air or navy) is used. Expanding agents are not used (no CFC) for the moulding. It can be colour at the discretion of the customer.

It respects the following specifications, valid for Italy:

  • UNI CEI 11170-3
  • UNI 9175 - class 1 IM

It respects the following specifications, valid for France:

  • UNI 9175 - class 1 IM
  • NF X 19 - 702 - 2 tests for fire "fume"
  • NF X 70 - 100 -1 + MIP test for fire "gas"
  • NF 16 - 101 behaviour with fire (class F2)
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